Rosetta Stone

History is a passion of mine and I believe we can learn a lot from the past in understanding our future. The Rosetta Stone is a great symbol of what we can unlock from the past.

The Rosetta Stone is an ancient block of stone with three languages carved on it.  Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics, Egyptian and Greek Latin.  Each of the three inscriptions declared the same royal decree made by the ruling Pharaoh.  The importance of the discovery of the stone in 1799, was that it was the key to deciphering ancient Egyptian text that was previously lost to mankind.  Without the stone, we may still today not have unlocked the history of ancient Egypt. As the Rosetta Stone gave us the key to unlocking the answers of a lost language, my business objective is to demystify and unlock your wealth plan by imparting my knowledge to you.  Being armed with new knowledge, together we can build a firm foundation to build and maintain your wealth, no matter what stage of life you are at.

That firm foundation could involve ensuring your personal insurances are in order, improving your loan configuration and debt structure or to critically analyse your existing portfolio of investments to best reflect where we think your portfolio should be pre-positioned to fair best in future market conditions.